Hearts and Brussels Margharita

Recipe by Winnie

Serves 4


2 Brussels Sprouts (per person)
1 16 oz jar Artichoke Hearts (quartered)
3/4 c Garbanzo Flour
1/2 14.5 oz can Stewed Tomatoes
5 oz Baby Spinach
3 tbsp Earth Balance (or butter)
2 tbsp Olive Oil


1) Cut washed brussels sprouts in half.
2) Combine butter and oil in pan on low-medium heat. Place sprouts face down around edge of pan.
3) Drain artichoke hearts. Toss in a bowl with the garbanzo flour.
4) Place breaded hearts in center of pan. Add a little olive oil if necessary. Continue to cook, turning hearts until golden brown.
5) Add stewed tomatoes and cleaned baby spinach. Cover and cook 3-4 minutes, or until spinach wilts and tomatoes get hot.

And you’re done! Serve as an appetizer, or part of your main course with pasta, rice, or quinoa 🙂

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